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AudioTechnology Magazine

AudioTechnology is the most thorough and informative publication to have ever served the audio market in this region. Published bi-monthly in a prestigious full colour perfect-bound format, AudioTechnology is a world-class title the equal (or the envy) of anything of its type worldwide.

AudioTechnology readers are fiercely loyal and voracious consumers of the magazine, ensuring it remains a potent promotional weapon for advertisers

Through our international connections, AudioTechnology presents the ‘big picture’, reporting on international global views and relating them sensibly to the local market. AudioTechnology is designed with the reader in mind, presenting the facts in a clear, humourous and sophisticated manner. The very nature of the audio industry is subjective and, quite often, ambiguous. Users of audio technology work in a multitude of disciplines across the audio spectrum, and have specific needs and requirements. They are also creative and artistic people, with a strong sense of audio and visual aesthetics. Unlike other technical magazines, AudioTechnology’s clean design and modern visual presentation guarantees its appeal to all users of audio technology, and provide a clear differentiation between editorial and advertising.

Each edition brings:

– Thorough in-depth interviews with working professionals.

– The very latest techniques and tips.

– Documentary-style feature stories.

– Informative and educational tutorials.

– ‘How-to’ articles and DIY constructional projects.

– Detailed product testing with uniform review criteria.

– Technical interviews with the people responsible for new and significant technologies.

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