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Who: AV professionals, system integrators, engineers technicians, IT managers, consultants, architects / designers, rental, facility management, sound reinforcement engineers

Where: Corporate AV, houses of worship, education, performance venues / nightclubs, restaurants, government facilities, high-end residential, sports facilities, security/surveillance, stadium/arenas, health clubs, commercial automation, municipal facilities, residential automation, retail display, theme parks

Venues Hospitality and Hotels


Readers: Owner/Operator, Senior & Middle Management, Architects, Interior Designers, Project Managers, Builders, AV Professionals, Contractors, Commercial Lighting Designers

Where: Hotel & Resorts, Bars/Clubs, Stadiums, Restaurants, Convention & Conference Centres, Retail, Cinemas, Showrooms, Shopfitters, Theme Parks, Commercial Workspace

Digital Signage Australia


Who: Retail Project Managers, Education Specifiers AV Professionals, System Integrators, Engineers Technicians, Consultants, Architects/Designers, Rental,
Facility Management, Sound Reinforcement Engineers

Where: Multiple Retail, Universities, Schools, Corporate Offices, Media Houses, Content Creation Agencies, IP Companies, Data Management & Manufactures