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Alchemedia takes care of the entire creation of the video package. Our speciality is technical video case studies. We have the technical and creative chops to beautifully capture the essence of even highly technical projects into a video package that acts as the ideal calling card for your equipment or services. Many of our video case studies simply start with a lead and a phone number. We can take it from there; just wait for an edit to approve. It’s that easy.
We can also handle other video work, such as tradeshow packages, training video, new product packages, live streams and webinars.


More Than a Film Crew 
Alchemedia specialises in not only providing a beautiful production, but as the publishers of &, we also have technical staff who can quickly understand your brief and fashion the production around your specific requirements.  

Stories Told by your Customers
Few marketing measures are more powerful than customer testimonials, which is why case studies are so powerful. We take the responsibility of dealing with your customers seriously. We’re also great at developing a rapport to ensure the final edit feels polished and authentic.

Beautifully Shot
Alchemedia takes tremendous pride in all aspects of the production – from capture to final edit. 

Deliverables: Fit for Purpose
In the world of digital marketing, one size doesn’t fit all. Alchemedia provides you with a range of deliverables optimised for all your platforms.

Logistics: Saving you the Hassle
Some stories are hard to land and take persistence. Alchemedia relieves you of as much of the logistical heavy lifting as you want — from initial approach to final sign-off.


A short video product presentation outlining the unique selling points and market context of the product. An AV Product Brief package includes a written review published on with the video embedded. The result gets promoted through our channels (EDM, YouTube, LinkedIn) and we’ll supply you with the edit for your own marketing purposes.